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Hiring a real estate agent to sell your home can be a complicated process. As the seller you may be wondering whether you should hire the agent who prices your home very high, the agent with the lowest commission, or the agent who is a neighbourhood specialist. The answer to this question, could actually be none of them! In this article we are going to explain why these are the biggest mistakes sellers make when hiring a Salmon Arm real estate agent.

salmon arm real estate,salmon arm real estate agents,shuswap real estateHighest Price

Hiring Salmon Arm real estate agents just because they provided the highest list price is a huge mistake. It’s actually one of the biggest mistakes you as the seller could make. The Salmon Arm real estate market will dictate what your home is worth, not an agent. Great real estate agents will be able to evaluate your home properly and recommend a price based on the market, their experience, and the comparables. They may also suggest some improvements you can make to your home that can increase its value. But if you have an agent come in and does a quick walk through and throws a high number at you, with nothing to backup their decision, they may just be trying to buy the listing.

Lowest Commission

Another common mistake sellers making is hiring a Shuswap real estate who has the lowest commission. There’s the popular saying “you get what you pay for” and this can sometimes be true when it comes to real estate agents. You also need to know exactly what you’re getting for the commission you are paying the realtor:

  • Will the listing be entered into the MLS system?
  • Will the listing be added to the realtors personal website?
  • Will they market the listing in all available networks?
  • Is the commission split down the middle between the listing brokerage and selling brokerage?

Some agents don’t take extra steps to get your listing out there, and will just rely on the MLS system, so make sure your agent will be doing everything they possibly can to market your listing.

salmon arm real estate,salmon arm real estate agents,shuswap real estateThe neighbourhood specialist

Many people think hiring a neighbourhood expert is a great idea, and most of the time they’d be right, but you need to do your research to make sure they are actually experts on the area, as some agents sometimes push people towards an area in which they’ve had a house on the market for a while. Many people often ask what does a neighborhood expert mean?

  • Do they live in this neighbourhood?
  • Do they know all the amenities in the area, fees, restrictions, etc.
  • Have they sold most of their homes in this area?
  • Do they have the lowest “days on the market” for homes in this area?

Knowing a Salmon Arm real estate agent’s background in the area is extremely important. Never rule out agents who haven’t sold in a specific area, as they may have better knowledge on the market, and more experience than someone who has.

Those are just a few mistakes people making when choosing a Salmon Arm real estate agent. For more information contact the best of all Salmon Arm real estate agents, Jeremy Osborne today!