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Commercial real estate is a long-term investment but can have many benefits in the long run. If you’re interested in investing in commercial Salmon Arm real estate, here is a list of the benefits that might help to make your decision a little easier:

salmon arm real estate,shuswap real estate,real estate in shuswap bcEquity Upside

The great thing about buying commercial real estate in Shuswap BC is that your monthly loan payments help you build equity. That is because a portion of the monthly payments go towards your principal loan. When you decide to one day sell your commercial property, you can extract the difference between the remaining loan amount and the market value as equity for the business.

Asset Appreciation

Owning commercial real estate also allows you to take advantage of asset appreciation. This appreciation represents the increase in the value of your property over time. When you eventually sell your commercial property, you earn capital gains equal to the difference between the purchase price and the market value.

salmon arm real estate,shuswap real estate,real estate in shuswap bcPotential to Rent

Companies that invest in commercial real estate generally take up to about 50% of the space. The good thing about owning your space is you can rent out the remaining empty space. There is a lot of potential in boosting your income and helping pay down your loan when renting to tenants. The only downside of this is you are now a business owner and a landlord, which can come with some added responsibility, so that is something you may want to consider.

Tax Benefits

When you invest in commercial Shuswap real estate you can deduct the following come tax time:
-Interest expense
-Depreciation expense
-Non-mortgage related expenses

Those are just a few benefits of buying Salmon Arm real estate. For more information contact the best of all Salmon Arm real estate agents, Jeremy Osborne today!