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Buying Real Estate in Salmon Arm

Mortgage Information

How much can I and do I want to spend?

The financing process is the most important factor in determining what you can and want to purchase.

Determining this value ahead of time can save you a lot of stress! It is a lot easier to start looking at properties that you know you can comfortably afford than be disappointed in the end.

What is a Mortgage Specialist?

A Mortgage Specialist is a licensed, trained professional that represents you in obtaining financing from a variety of lending sources. They have the skill and knowledge to present a proposal to a lender in the best possible way to obtain your financing. A skilled mortgage specialist can help a borrower make a responsible financial decision by providing guidance and expert knowledge.

Over time I have developed close working relationships with a number of industry professionals, including mortgage specialists. Below is some contact information for Mortgage Specialists that I have worked with, and trust to do business with.

Mortgage Specialists

Mark Ripel

Mortgage Specialist, RBC Canada

Phone: 250-515-1938
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://mortgage.rbc.com/mark.ripel

Mark Delleman

Mortgage Broker/Dominion Lending Centers

Phone: 1-604-889-0050
Email:[email protected]
Website: http://markdelleman.ca/

Corine Hild

Mortgage Specialist, Tekamar Mortgages

Phone: 250-832-5856
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tekamar.ca/team/corine-hild/

Chad Eliason

Mortgage Broker, Quantus Mortgage Solutions

Phone: 250-804-9874
Email: [email protected]

Financial Institutions

Royal Bank of Canada



Bank of Montreal



Salmon Arm Savings and Credit Union






TD Canada Trust