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The fall season is now upon us in Salmon Arm, and that means there is work to be done. If you’re looking to sell Salmon Arm real estate this fall there are some things you need to do, and we’re going to break them down right here.

salmon arm real estate,real estate in blind bay,shuswap real estate,salmon Arm real estate agentsYard Cleanup & Maintenance

Now that the fall is here that means that the leaves are going to begin to drop. Though the fall colors can be a gorgeous site, it also wreaks havoc on your lawn. Make sure you stay on top of raking the leaves up on a daily basis, and picking up any other debris. Your Salmon Arm real estate agent could show your home to someone at any time, and you need it looking its best.

Wash the windows

The Thompson Okanagan and Salmon Arm are known for having hot and dry summers, and if you combine that with wind and very little rain, your windows can become covered in dust and grime. Make sure when selling real estate in Blind Bay and Salmon Arm real estate, that you’re washing your windows thoroughly this fall.

salmon arm real estate,real estate in blind bay,shuswap real estate,salmon Arm real estate agentsChimney maintenance

This time of year the temperature drops fast and can vary from day to day, so you may start thinking about using your chimney. Before you do so, make sure you do some maintenance to make sure it is very clean of debris, so that it is safe to use when people are viewing your home.

Setting the Mood

This one is very important to selling Shuswap real estate in the fall. With the beautiful colors of the fall season, and the dark grey days, setting the mood inside your home for potential buyers is critical. Make sure you open the drapes, light some candles and turn down the lights just a tad. This can help these buyers imagine themselves getting cozy during this time of the year.

These are just a few things you can do when preparing Salmon Arm real estate for sale this fall. For more information contact Jeremy Osborne, the best of Salmon Arm real estate agents.